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Research. Meet. Click.

I’m so excited about teaming up with 3 other awesome photographers (Lynn from Lynn Michelle Photography, Michelle from Peyronet Photography & Stacey from Simple Moments Photography) to host this event. We hope it helps all of you brides out there to figure out this whole wedding photography thing.:-)Hope you can make it!!!

smith and wesson airweight ctg 38 specialsmith and wesson airweight ctg 38 special Click the flyer or go here to RSVP!


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Alex is one!


I can never believe how quick time goes by when I have the opportunity to photograph a baby’s first year. We covered Nicole & Andrew’s wedding a couple years ago, and now it’s baby time! First a couple of Nicole’s adorable belly…..


Then the little guy at around 2 weeks old….undefinedundefinedundefined


Already an adorable awesome “sitter” at 6 months….undefinedundefinedundefined


And the cutest curls ever at 1 year. Happy birthday Alex!!!undefinedundefinedundefined

Romantic Southlake Wedding

undefinedJennifer & Mike had a romantic outdoor wedding (yes, in December!) at Jennifer’s mom’s home. Everyone had a blast dancing to keep warm – which made for awesome photos! Jennifer got ready at the Hilton in Southlake’s Towncenter, so we were able to head outdoors a bit there as well to get some fun shots. undefinedundefinedundefinedundefined

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Family fun on the beach

We had the opportunity to photograph a family session while out on the beach. The kiddos were adorable! I wish wish wish that we could just hop in the car, drive for an hour from DFW, & end up in a location like this.

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Amanda Heffelfinger - Look at those blue eyes! Heartbreaker!

Thanks for spending so much time with us and capturing so many memories. We had a blast, despite the tropical storm. All the best; take care of yourself!!

Beach Wedding on the Carolina Coast

Amanda & Paul had the most fabulous week long celebration on the Outer Banks of North Carolina earlier this year. They didn’t let a little rain (ok, a lot of rain) put a damper on anything & everyone had an amazing time. The sun did come out – the day everyone was leaving! Luckily we had time that morning for a quick trash the dress session before catching our flight.

Thanks you guys for making us feel so welcome & a part of the family!

Wild horses! On the beach! It was gorgeous. I may have my facts wrong but I think the Spaniards left them there when they first came over to explore the country – and they’ve been living along the coast ever since.